Hallo all!

I am so sorry I've not been on wordpress for a little while, I've been having a few family problems. My Grandmother has been very ill, My aunt has recently found our she has terminal cancer and My depression has been playing up a little of-late. I hope you are all okay, and you're all … Continue reading Hallo all!

A little white pill, Solving life’s problems.

'Go to the Doctorask for some pillswill solve all ones problems',if only there was such a pillI'm sure it would sell for a fortune,and be the most popular pillin the world.Depression replaces -one's creative energy withrhythms of anxiety.streaming throughthe headto the heartpulsating violentlymanifesting into a needto take somewhite pillwhich claims to replace the needfor human … Continue reading A little white pill, Solving life’s problems.


​Adults must never forget to play,  there's too much serious talk, anyway. Once adults forget, to have fun the time for regret has already begun. That's their problem; the “I'm getting old brigade” They talk as if their life- is already spent all those dreams, and plans, delayed. The pause before; “I've not energy for … Continue reading Play